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Top 5 Tasks for June


If you only do five home care tasks in June, here are the ones that we recommend you do, that will help keep your home safe, looking nice, and things operating properly.

Security System

If you have a home security system, then in June (before the summer vacation season) we recommend that you do some basic routine maintenance for your home security system.  First, you should contact your security monitoring company and confirm with them that they have the correct contact information for you and the correct password.  You should also check the expiration date on your system's backup battery, and perform tests to confirm the proper performance of your system.  And lastly, you should confirm that all family members know how to properly use all of the features of your security system.

To learn more about taking care of your home security system, you can see the Security System section of our Home Care Library.

Late Spring Lawn Care

Early in June is a good time to apply late spring fertilizer and weed control (helpful accessories: plant fertilizers; grass and weed controllers; weed trimmers).  You can read our lawn care suggestions here: Late Spring Lawn Care Guide.  And you can read our related lawn care articles here: Lawn Care Articles.

Personal Computer Maintenance

June is also a good month to remind yourself to perform the necessary monthly routine maintenance for your home computers.  Items that should be done on a monthly basis include: backing up your hard drive; updating your virus protection; defragmenting your hard drive; and testing your surge control devices (helpful accessories: external hard drives; anti-virus programs).

For additional information on caring for your personal computer, you can see the Personal Computer section of our Home Care Library.

Dishwasher Maintenance

Every couple of months it is important to treat your dishwasher for scale build-up.  If you are not doing this routinely, then at least once a year you should still check your dishwasher for scale build-up, and treat it accordingly (helpful accessory: dishwasher cleaners).

For tips on how to treat the types of scale that you might have in your particular dishwasher, you can see: Dishwasher Routine Care

Fireplace Maintenance

And finally, if you have a traditional wood-burning fireplace, June is a great month to have your chimney cleaned and inspected (helpful accessory: creosote removers). The reason to do this at the beginning of the summer is because if any significant problems are found, then you will have plenty of time to get bids and get the work completed before you start to need your fireplace again in the fall.

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